Sinking Down in a Sea of Sorrow

by Gurum

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"Sinking Down in a Sea of Sorrow'' is Gurum's Ep.
Depressive Suicidal Black Metal from Brazil
Produced by Gurum
September, 2015

Emmanoel: All instruments, Vocal
Mag: Lyrics

Recorded at Emmanoel's homestudio.
Produced all Musics by Emmanoel.


released August 4, 2015



all rights reserved


Gurum RS, Brazil

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Track Name: Sinking Down in a Sea of Sorrows
I walk in the middle of several people,
Feeling the void that surrounds me,
What do they have?
This lack of feelings, anger maybe.
I've been locked up for days,
Now I can feel the wind
on his face, I am so vague

There is a river below me,
Loading so many tears,
The fear that lives here, I die here.
Feeling the wind on my face,
I sit in the grid of the bridge at the highest point,
with the most beautiful view.

I lie back, with my last breath,

Saying goodbye to everything, I close my eyes... Astral Journey of no return.
Track Name: For you, All My Love (Hate)
Where no one chooses to be,
Images on my mind,
Pictures in my head,
Looking inside you.
Mud outside and a face on the inside, which is not like me,
Inside your heart.

Illusion, Hope
For you, my Love
For you, my Hate

I never wanted to be here,
Feeling strong waves,
No one chooses to stay... to stay here
For you, all my Love... Hate!

For you, all my Love
For you, all my Hate
For you, all my Love
For you, all my Hate
Track Name: Disappointment
Leave me
Soon ahead
Seek the truth
Words cut her throat
The fact is false
Thirst for truth

The cold walks beside me
cold hands and feet...

Cuts on his face
The fact is false
Cold and Calculating
Informed views
Broken hearts, sad faces
Broken faces, sad hearts

Cuts on his face
The fact is false
Cold and calculating
Informed views.