Let My Thoughts Destroy Me

by Gurum

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"Let My Thoughts Destroy Me'' is Gurum's first album.
Depressive Suicidal Black Metal
Produced by Gurum
All instruments, Vocals: Emmanoel
Lyrics: Emmanoel and Mag.

Recorded at Emmanoel's homestudio.
Produced all Musics by Emmanoel.


released December 27, 2014



all rights reserved


Gurum RS, Brazil

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Track Name: It's Over...
You're gone
You're so free and I so stuck,
I see your smile and in him is a void that extends over her face,
I can imagine the wonderful things that void,
But it is an empty, there is nothing in you.
It's over, and you're gone,
Just everything that ever existed,
There was me you do not,
You're gone and I can feel the emptiness that crown me inside,
I feel that you are free but I... I'm not free,
But you are empty and cold,
You are and always will be wrong.
With his eyes showing a desperate child.

And she cries, yelling and suffocating life.
But you're empty... And I full of love, but love is nothing now.
It's over, you're gone and I know it's over.
And remember you are like a gun to my face!
Track Name: Stuck (In Another Winter)
I see myself stuck again this horrible winter,
Where my soul has its open scars,
Where my skin dries out,
Where all this cold engulfs my being,
Where the lies come back to me,
Torturing each piece of my mind,
I'm human, I error.
Loneliness feeds me and the anguish became my lover!
Track Name: Let My Thoughts Destroy Me
Destroy my life, rape my thoughts
Break my neck, cut my wrists
Drown me, make me suffer
Burn my hope, Kill me
Pierce my eyes, take my happiness
Despise my existence, I hang him
Cut my throat, bury me
Let my Thoughts Destroy Me!

Hypothermia is eating me
I'm just another insignificant body
Once again fell in love with my sorrow
A worm wandering in the world, reeking of sadness!

Just waiting for my last second of suffering in this world...
Track Name: Continue... The End
When I decide to stop,
Get where I call end,
Once again I was thrown,
Forgotten in some corner,
But if you ask me if I ever get out of here
I will say no,
As if all the feelings I had in my life were nothing,
Now I do not know how to stop.
Maybe now for fear I can not stop,
When I get what I call the end,
Someone pushes me and says to continue!

When is the End?
What is the End?
And I need to stop, so tired of life,
I Arrived at the end.
Track Name: My Last Sunday...
I woke up with a weight, a spiritual weight
Something that is hurting me.

Today, is Sunday
The sun no longer reflects my soul,
Not even knock on my window.

I'm lying in the Darkness
The love died
As my prosperity
My beauty,
My soul.

Today, is my last live Sunday...